Who should be the highest paid players in football?

According to Odell Beckham Jr., he should be the highest paid player in the NFL. Even though he might think he should be the highest paid player, there is no chance that a wide receiver should be the highest paid player. While OBJ could easily claim that he should be the highest paid at his position, since he has been one of the best players in the NFL in his short time in the league.

The main reason why a receiver should never be the highest paid player is that they rely to heavily on another position, and that position happens to be the most important one, quarterback. Without Eli Manning there is no way OBJ would be nearly as good as he is. If he had a much lesser quarterback, like a Brock Osweiler, he wouldn’t even be in the position to be the top paid player at his position, just look at what happened with Deandre Hopkins.

Even though it is true that quarterbacks do rely on other players, much more of the game can be controlled by the position. This is because they are touching the ball every play when the offense has control of the ball, something that can’t be said for any other position other than the center. If a quarterback wants to make sure that a receiver never touches the ball in a game they can do so.

It isn’t just the quarterback that should be paid more than wide receivers, pass rushers and offensive lineman should also make more money. Pass rushers are essential to stopping top level teams, because without pressure on a quarterback there is little chance the defense will get a stop.

Probably the most underrated group of players that should be some of highest paid are the offensive lineman. Without a good offensive line even a good quarterback will struggle. The offensive lineman are the key to success for almost every aspect of the offense. They are the players creating the holes so a running back can gain yards, and they also protect the quarterback which is essential for the passing game. While it is unlikely that they become the highest paid players in the NFL, offensive lineman deserve to be with how much they impact the game.

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