Could Ezekiel Elliot win his appeal

Surprise, surprise, another high profile NFL player is appealing their suspension. The suspension under scrutiny this time is Ezekiel Elliot’s six game suspension for conduct detrimental to the league. The case Elliot is going to bring up is that he was not convicted of a crime in the court system, and the woman accusing him of domestic violence may have some questionable testimony. While everyone else is focusing just on the domestic violence as the reason why Elliot is being suspended, they are forgetting the other incidents that he has been a part of that do not look good for the NFL.

Along with the accusation of domestic violence Elliot has had other infractions that he could have been charged for in the courts, but he luckily wasn’t. He took part in a bar fight where he knocked another man out, and likely could have been charged with assault. This is something I could see the NFL overlooking because it is something that many players have dealt with and is less severe than domestic violence or a sexual crime. Speaking of a sexual crime Elliot could have also been charged with one, when he pulled a woman’s shirt down to expose her breast at a parade, which is sexual assault.

The combination of all of these incidents is actually why Elliot is getting suspended, not just the domestic violence. This is why his six game suspension should not be reduced, and in my opinion won’t be. Everyone is saying that since he was not convicted of a crime in any of the instances, that he should not be suspended, but that is not how the relationship between an employer and employee work. If someone in a normal work place had instances like this and their employer found out, I would expect them to be suspended or fired. This is why I believe that the courts will rule in the favor of the NFL, because as an employer they have the right to determine if an employee needs to be disciplined for conduct detrimental to the business.

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