College Gameday showed absolute disrespect to Iowa

ESPN showed Iowa and their fans the ultimate disrespect by not hosting College Gameday in Iowa City. Instead, ESPN decided to host the show from Times Square, nowhere near any game.

I understand that the week did not have many exciting matchups, but even when that has happened in the past the show has still gone to locations during a down week. Despite them choosing the Iowa vs. Penn State as the game of the week. Once they chose that game they should be obligated to host the pregame show from the location, especially when it would be just the third time ever at that location in over 20 years.

What ESPN pulled on Iowa and their fans was the ultimate sign of disrespect, since there was not good reason to not go to Iowa City. It was basically telling Iowa that they weren’t good enough to host College Gameday, and that they would rather be in a big city location where no game was taking place. What made it even worse was that Kirk Herbstreit was in New York for the pregame show, and then flew to Iowa City to announce the game. ESPN definitely messed this one up, something they have been doing plenty of lately. The University of Iowa and their fans should be pissed off that as far as I can remember they were the first game that did not have College Gameday at the location of the game.

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