The NBA continues to make moves

The hectic offseason of the NBA continues into the fall as another blockbuster trade has gone through, this one sending Carmelo Anthony to Oklahoma City. This trade gives the Thunder a big 3, and it finally gets Melo out of New York, something he has clearly wanted for at least a year. The only problem is that this move isn’t going to do anything for Oklahoma City’s chances of winning a championship.

While it does give them a legitimate third scoring option this doesn’t help their defense, it actually probably makes it worse, and something the front office might not have thought of is how are Melo, George and Westbrook all going to get their shots. These are all players that tend to be ball dominant, and have a style fitted more so for isolation play. There is barely going to be any ball movement in that offense, which will likely limit them to being the third or fourth best team in the West, and sorry to say it Knicks fans but this trade doesn’t make your team any better either. The best thing for the Knicks fans is that they no longer have to hear about how disgruntled Melo is and how much he wants to leave.

The trade wasn’t the only big NBA news recently however, Dwayne Wade as expected was bought out by the Bulls, and decided to join who else but his best friend, Lebron, in Cleveland. This move really just doesn’t make much sense for Cleveland in my mind, I mean congratulations on getting a player who can’t stay completely healthy for a season and will need constant rest if you want him for the playoffs. This move is actually force Lebron to have to carry the team more during the season, with Isaiah Thomas starting the season hurt. This is coming from a Wade fan, but even if he is healthy enough when it comes time to play the Celtics in the Easter Conference Finals, or the Warriors in the Finals, Wade could struggle seeing as he is no longer a player who can dominate a game.

In my mind these moves have still not made much of an impact of how the season is going to play out, which is another finals rematch and another Finals Championship for the Warriors.

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