Cam Newton is an idiot

Unsurprisingly Cam Newton made a remark during a press conference earlier this week, that many viewed as problematic and sexist. None of this surprises me however, because Cam is probably one of the dumbest athletes in the league when it comes to dealing with the press. He has shown this before after his loss in the SuperBowl where he went from his usual happy go lucky self, to a pouty player who wouldn’t answer questions.

Now lets delve deeper into the situation he is dealing with now. He made a stupid comment in a very creepy manner, about a female reporter, and as expected there has been backlash. He then puts out an “apology” the next day. While I can actually see Cam not meaning any disrespect to the reporter, simply because he could likely have laughed and said the comment about reporters in general and not females, but his apology in my opinion wasn’t really an apology. When your apology contains the phrase “I’m sorry if what I said offended you” that isn’t an actual apology, it is just saying sorry that you got offended but I am sticking by what I said.

He even had a chance to make a better apology with a female sideline reporter interviewing him after his huge win over Detroit on Sunday, but he chose to reiterate his shitty apology. While Cam’s antics do not surprise me what I found unbelievable in this whole situation was the reporter who asked the question having to apologize for some stupid tweets she had years ago. While the tweets would be considered problematic in referencing how funny racist jokes are, that is it, she just said they were funny (because guess what most people would agree that a racist joke can be funny against any race including white). The worst part about this is that people went out of their way to dig this up to, for some reason, damage the reporters reputation, as if that made what Cam said right.

I am unsure if this was an attempt to protect Cam or what, but those tweets had nothing to do with what the current situation was, and they should not have been brought up at all. It makes me a little sick that people feel the need to pull up dirt on someone who was just humiliated by a major figure in the NFL, for doing her job well and asking an intelligent question. Cam needs to get smarter if he is going to actually become a face of the NFL, and people on twitter need to get a life and not try and hurt the reputation, a victim, by pulling up some completely unrelated tweets.


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