Rodgers is a Cowboy killer

If I were a Cowboy fan right now I would be crying myself to sleep, because something has become very clear in the past few years, Aaron Rodgers will continue to break the hearts of Dallas. Luckily I don’t have to suffer through that realization, and instead I can bask in the greatness that is Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers once again showed why he is the best quarterback in the NFL now, and could go down as one of the best to ever play the position, with his comeback win against Dallas. Despite having a piss-poor defense, he is able to defeat teams that the Packers should have no business defeating. He is able to do stuff no one else is capable of, such as escaping from defenders for an 18 yard scramble one play, and two plays later delivering a perfect pass to Davante Adams, after missing the throw on the exact same play just one snap prior.

He has picked up right were he left off last season, absolutely shredding defenses, despite having a makeshift offensive line protecting him, and either a wide receiver turned running back, or a rookie in the backfield. This is what the rest of the league should be terrified of, because if the Packers can get healthy towards the playoffs, they will be nearly unstoppable with Aaron Rodgers playing the way he is now. In fact I am calling it here Rodgers will win the MVP, as well as win the SuperBowl MVP and bring the Lombardi Trophy back to its rightful home once again.

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