Can Kaepernick actually win his Lawsuit?

So Colin Kaepernick is now suing the NFL Owners for collusion, and as an NFL owner myself I don’t believe he has a chance of winning. In order for him to win this lawsuit he will have to gain evidence and proof that the owners or front offices of NFL teams have been communicating with each other in order to keep him out of the league. This is something I don’t believe he and his lawyers will be able to provide in a court.

So now speaking as an NFL owner myself, especially as one for a team that has been believed they should sign him, the Green Bay Packers, there are reasons as to why teams are not signing him now. the first would be that whether he likes it or not his presence on a team would bring unnecessary attention, and would likely end up being a distraction for a team. This is not to say that he would be a distraction himself and that if he would kneel during the anthem that would be a distraction, because there are plenty of players kneeling for the anthem now, but his presence would make it so that his teammates will have to answer unnecessary questions about him from the media. If there is a large establishment that Kaepernick should actually be frustrated with is the sports media, because they are the actual reason as to why he doesn’t have a job. This can be seen in a recent press conference with Green Bay Head Coach Mike McCarthy in which the media kept asking him if they would consider signing Kaepernick after Aaron Rodgers injury, this constant questioning of the situation infuriated McCarthy and caused him to somewhat yell at a reporter. This is the same kind of thing that would likely happen if teammates and coaches were constantly being asked about Kaepernick if he was on a team, which could lead to some discontent in the locker room.

The second reason as to why he is not being signed by a team is that it is to late in the season to bring in a new quarterback that would have to attempt to learn an entirely new offense. I am unsure of how quick of a learner Kaepernick is and don’t know how fast he could pick up a system, but it is likely that it would take him at least a couple weeks to be comfortable enough in an offense to actually play, and even longer to effectively run the offense to its full capacity. This is why a team that would not have needed his services earlier in the year, but could possibly use it now with an injury, such as Rodgers and Green Bay, would consider signing him.

So these past reasons are why he is likely not being signed during the year, but there are also reason why he likely wasn’t signed before the season started. The first reason is that he was likely asking for to much money to be a backup quarterback. He has a big name and could have likely gotten a backup position on a team in the NFL because he is definitely more talented than many of the current backup quarterbacks, but the big question, that no one other than the front offices and Kaepernick’s people know, is how much money he was willing to take to be on a team. The final reason as to why he likely has not been signed is that he really just is not that good of a quarterback. If he had done this say three or four years ago it is likely he would be on a team, because he was at the point one of the best players, but now that he would be a backup most teams likely view the headache that would come along with signing him as not worth the talent.

With all of the as reasons why teams would be hesitant of signing Kaepernick it will be very difficult for him to prove that the owners or front offices have been colluding in order to keep him out of the league. It is more likely that every team in the NFL made up their own mind that he was not worth the hassle of the media, and that they would just pass on him, rather than the NFL teams are speaking with each other about how to keep one player out of the league entirely.

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