The Greek Freak needs to be taken seriously for MVP

So last night was the beginning of the NBA season for much of the league, including the Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo, and as expected the Greek Freak filled up the stat sheet with a double-double. He finished the first game of the season with 37 points, 13 rebounds, and a little uncharacteristically only three assists. While his point production will not continue to be 37 per game he can likely stay near 28 per game, and he will likely average a double-double this season, and will get close to averaging a triple-double, and as we have seen that kind of production will lead to an MVP. The biggest factor why I could see him winning the MVP however, is not because of his production, but because of his expectations.

It is known that the expectations of what a player is supposed to do for a season factors into the MVP voting, because if it didn’t Lebron would have more four MVP’s. This will be huge as to why Giannis can win the MVP this season, because while he is now considered one of the best players in the NBA, his expectations are still lower than players such as Lebron, Westbrook, Harden and Durant. All of those players are expected to have spectacular individual performances, as well as having their teams be some of the the best in the league. This is different from Giannis who is a player who is still growing his game so people are still unsure of exactly what to expect from him. If both he and the Bucks can exceed expectations for the season, it is likely that he will win the MVP and cement himself as the next big thing in the NBA. Yes I understand that it has only been one game, and I am a Bucks fan so I am clearly excited about what he could do this season, but this should not discount the fact that he will likely finish in the top three for MVP and could even win it.

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