Can the Warriors actually be challenged in the West

Now that every team has played at least one game this season the Golden State Warriors would the eight seed in the playoffs, but will they actually be challenged this season. The simple answer to the question would be no they just have to much talent, but I am not sure that is the actual answer.

Most people would say that Houston is the biggest threat to Golden State because they already beat them this year, but actually they are probably not any better of a team than they were last year. Sure they added CP3, but they also lost Patrick Beverley and Sam Dekker, two players that were key contributors on the team last year. And despite the fact that they have won their first two games Chris Paul doesn’t seem to fit very well with their system.

If I were Golden State the team I would be most worried about is the Oklahoma City Thunder. It looks as if the additions of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony might actually fit well with Russell Westbrook, and could be just as potent on offense as the Warriors. With just Westbrook, Oklahoma City managed to finish last season as the six seed, but with the addition of two other big time players in the NBA they will in my opinion finish second in the West during the regular season. As those three players continue to figure out how to play with each other they will become even more dangerous.

In their first game with each other Westbrook had his usual triple double, George scored 28 points and six rebounds, while Melo had 22 points. Having all three players score over  20 points in their first game with each other shows in my mind that they can play well together. If they are going to challenge the Warriors they will need more production from their bench, which is something they can hope to develop throughout the year or acquire in a trade.

While most people believe that Golden State won’t be challenged in the West or even in the finals, I believe that Oklahoma City will rekindle their hate for Durant and the other Warriors. This hate will fuel the team to the Western Conference Finals where the new big three of the Thunder will knock off the Warriors to go to the NBA Finals.

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