NFL parody might be hurting the league

After last nights game between the Raiders and Chiefs, the NFL is clearly the league with the most parody. Kansas City was viewed as likely the best team in the league through the first six games of the season, but they have now lost two games in a row, and look like they have some issue they need to fix. While the Raiders were struggling early this season are now right back in the race for a playoff spot. This is the first year in my 22 years of life that I can remember there not being a group of teams that is really dominant. Unlike any other year I actually believe any team that makes the playoffs this year could realistically win the Super Bowl, because every team has major flaws.

This I believe is actually somewhat of a problem for the NFL, because without some teams dominating it looks like more teams are flawed and playing sloppy football. While there are many things the NFL needs to be concerned with, such as CTE and backlash from protests, all of this can be overcome with great play on the field. Despite some of these game are great to watch, much like last nights game, much of the play this season has not looked great, and the teams that we expect to dominate look sloppy. With New England’s defense struggling, and with Atlanta struggling to score points despite having some of the best offensive weapons make the league look much worse than last year.

This is the opposite of last year where there where multiple teams that were dominating teams and consistently winning. After last nights game there is only one team that seems to fit that bill this year, the Philadelphia Eagles. They have been by far the most consistent team, but it is still to be seen how they finish the season. Despite the fact that many people say they want a league where any team can win the championship, when it comes true for the most part it makes the league look sloppier than if certain teams were dominant.

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