The Packers season is officially over

With the news of Aaron Rodgers being placed on IR my Green Bay Packers season is officially over. If there was a possibility that he could return late in the year, much like he did in 2013, there was still hope the Packers could play well enough to remain in the playoff hunt, and let Aaron take over when he returns. But sadly all of this hope has been decimated with the most recent news.

As an owner of the franchise I would like to see them possibly loss most of the remaining games so that we can get a high draft pick, and try to find a stud player for our secondary or pass rush. While I still hope the Brett Hundley can play well, so that we can trade him for better defensive players, I just don’t believe he can lead us to the playoffs. And what is the point of winning games if we don’t really have a chance of winning in the playoffs. This is why all of the coaches should be assured that they have a job for the upcoming season, and just make it so that we don’t win to many more games so we can get a top 10 draft pick, for the first time since 2009.

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