Could Carson Wentz win MVP?

With his superb play Monday night Carson Wentz has cemented himself as a leading candidate for MVP, but will the hype continue until the end of the season? My guess is that he will likely win the MVP, simply because who else is there really to win the award this season. While there is still Tom Brady, who is always a possibility to win, there isn’t many other opportunities.

The only other players I could think of to compete with Wentz of the award are possibly Alex Smith and Derek Carr. Smith had an incredible start to the season, but he has cooled off as of late and if the Chiefs continue their losing streak it will be difficult for him to secure the award. The opposite is true of Carr, who struggled to start the season, but with a signature comeback last Thursday, he looks as if he and the Raiders could be a force to reckon with for the rest of the season.

Looking at players who have already previously won the award such as Cam Newton, Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers, they have no chance of winning the award. Ryan and the Falcons offense has completely fallen apart this season without Kyle Shanahan. Newton has been extremely inconsistent this season. Rodgers would have likely been the MVP had he stayed healthy the entire season, but unfortunately he will not be playing for the rest of the season.

With all of the inconsistencies of these players the obvious choice for MVP at this point in the season has to be Wentz. He is currently fourth in the league in yards, first in TDs and third in QBR. If he can continue to produce at this level there is not doubt in my mind that the Eagles will continue winning, and his consistency will lead him to the MVP in just his second year. Which would make him the youngest winner of the award and the first to do it in his second season.

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