Players need to keep using social media to request trades

So in the past couple of weeks there have been a few players that have made their desire to be traded public. These players are not making a request to the front office which then gets leaked, like Kyrie Irving. Instead they are voicing their frustrations out on social media, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong in doing so.

The to most recent instances of this happening have been Martavis Bryant and Eric Bledsoe, but they are two very different situations. Bryant wants to be traded purely for selfish reason because he has been surpassed by JuJu Smith-Schuster as a target in the Pittsburgh offense. Because of this he has taken his frustrations to social media and even commented on posts from fans talking about Smith-Schuster, calling him a bum.

This situation is drastically different from Bledsoe who is part of quite possibly the worst team in the NBA, maybe of all time. He sent out a tweet saying “I don’t want to be here”, which is funny, and cryptic. The best part about the story is that when the GM asked him what he meant by the tweet his response was that he was at a hair salon. I mean come on  Bledsoe I understand you went to Kentucky, which doesn’t exactly produce geniuses, but that is possibly the worst excuse you could have come up with. It is possible the he sent out the tweet after he was notified that the Suns coach was fired, after just three games, and he could have been showing his support for the coach. Either way he was clearly making a joke of the situation, and with the NBA now players have more power than ever before to pull stunts like this.

While organizations probably don’t like that these players are using social media to voice their frustrations, as a fan and common person I love it. This is the authenticity that people are always asking for out of their athletes. These two guys are clearly showing their true feelings, which is something more and more players should be willing to do. They will likely be surprised how much making their feelings known to the public can accomplish, just look at Kyrie, who got exactly what he wanted after his trade request was “leaked”.


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