Cam Newton once again proves he is a brat

Once again Cam Newton has shown that he is a player that clearly can’t take any criticism, by abruptly leaving a press conference after hearing a question he for some reason didn’t like. After his press conference fiasco earlier this season you would think that he might have learned his lesson, but as Cam is one to do he showed his bratty character.

As one will remember this is not the first time he has just gotten up and left a press conference, famously leaving a post Super Bowl press conference. With the previous instance I can understand why he left and would be frustrated, after getting demolished in the Super Bowl and hearing the other team celebrating behind him. This conference had none of that.

Instead of Cam showing that he could be a grown up and control his emotions, he decided to get upset by a routine question from a reporter about the teams consistency issue. These are questions he has likely heard before, especially after an abysmal performance like he had on Sunday. He should learn to be a professional in the face of adversity, because his antics are in my mind starting to make him less of a fan favorite. He should be trying to avoid situations like this after what he dealt with earlier this season, but instead he continues to act like a brat, who will likely have some sorry ass apology in the coming days.

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