Bledsoe not worth Brogdon

The Suns are clearly delusional in the leverage they think they have in trading Eric Bledsoe. He is a player who they are refusing to play and everyone in the league knows that neither he nor the front office want him there. And yet they have the audacity to say that Malcom Brogdon along with other players would be required to acquire Bledsoe for the Bucks.

As a Bucks fan I have some strong opinions on this matter and none of them favor Bledsoe. While I do think Bledsoe is a good NBA player he is nowhere near worth last years Rookie of the Year, who has improved his game this season. Brogdon is a perfect fit for the Bucks youth and defensive style of play, something that can’t be said for Bledsoe, who is an offensive score first point guard.

If the Bucks decide to make this trade I will be unbelievably pissed off that they would break up a team that clearly enjoys playing with each other, and look as if they might be one of the top teams in the East this season. The trade would be approaching the Ray Allen trade to Seattle on the scale of terrible trades by the Bucks.

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