Can Lonzo withstand his dad talking so much?

Unsurprisingly Lavar Ball has continued to run his mouth about his son playing in the NBA. And his running of the mouth has apparently made Lonzo a target according to other players. But this hasn’t actually been a bad thing for the kid, because after his first game against Patrick Beverly, who is possibly the best defensive point guard in the NBA, Lonzo has played very well.

Last night Wizards players were tweeting out before hand how they were going to torture Lonzo all game, and while the held him to six points, he led his team to the win. He had 10 assists and eight rebounds, and despite the talk of John Wall torturing him all game, Wall had just 18 points. Lonzo has somewhat backed up his dads trash talk, because he himself seems to be a quiet and nice kid. He has proven that he can be a true point guard and distribute the ball extremely well to others, while at times having a good night and scoring points for himself.

That is why I can’t believe I am going to say this, but Lavar should keep on talking trash to NBA players because it looks like his son can handle it, and it might even make him better in the long run.

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