Marshawn Lynch: The most Entertaining Athlete

Lynch continues to entertain everyone with just being himself, posting a Video of him practicing with a high school team. In the video he obviously breaks off a huge run, where he proceeds to stiff arm a kid straight into the ground. This is just the latest in a long line of entertaining instances that Marshawn has been a part of.

First lets start with the reason why he is practicing with this high school team instead of with the Oakland Raiders. While there was a small skirmish on the field during last Thursday’s game against the Chiefs, he ran off the bench onto the field and ended up shoving a ref, which earned him a one game suspension. But the best part of the instance is what happened afterwards, where instead of sitting in the locker room or leaving the stadium like most players do after getting ejected. Marshawn decided he would go watch the rest of the game from the stands with the fans, and then after the game he took the train with Marcus Peters home. All of this is just him being his genuine self, but this isn’t the first time he has entertained the world with him being himself.

The world in large part was introduced to his personality back in 2015 in a episode of Conan, which involved him and Rob Gronkowski playing Mortal Combat before the Super Bowl. In the episode Marshawn absolutely shines and makes everyone laugh simply by being himself, which is more than you can say for a majority of the athletes.

This is why Marshawn is the most entertaining athlete in the world today, because he can simply entertain everyone without trying to be entertaining.

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