Do we have a new Donald Sterling?

It looks as if there might be another Donald Sterling situation on our hands with the Houston Texans owner. Bob McNair was quoted in ESPN Magazine saying “We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” during last weeks owner meetings. Since the statement has publicized the reaction has understandably been outrage with the comment.

The situation is very similar to what happened to Donald Sterling, the former owner of the Clippers, back in 2014. Both of them made racially insensitive remarks in private that, they most certainly did not mean to be out in the public. Sterling was forced to sell the Clippers, albeit for $2 Billion. So the questions is could the same thing now happen to McNair.

The reactions by the players have been similar in both cases, with players threatening a walk out or demonstration during Sunday’s game, something the Clippers did during the Sterling controversy. I think the major difference in the situations is the statements that were made. McNair was using an expression to talk about how the league was being run, and while it was obviously a poor choice to use given the racial discrepancies in our prison system. The statement was not as mean spirited and overtly racist as what Sterling said back in 2014.

The problem for McNair is the outrage that surrounds his comments, and even though he has since come out and apologized for the comments, and has even tried to give an explanation of what he was saying. Despite what he meant by the expression it is clearly something the players and other are outraged by. This is why in my opinion this situation will end up much like it did with Sterling, the millionaire owner will be forced to sell his sports teams for billions, in order to “punish” him.


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