The Browns can’t get any more Browns

So possibly the most Browns story of all time happened this trade deadline.

Oh Cleveland, can things get any more embarrassing for your football team?

No, no they cannot.

How can you have a trade agreed to by another team to send you a quarterback, a position you have been searching for for about 20 years now, and you fail to notify the NFL in time.

While I don’t think AJ McCarron was going to be the solution for Cleveland at QB, but he might have been able to get them at least one win this season. These are the exact reason as to why they are the laughing stock of the NFL, because they can’t even manage to execute a trade correctly. At this point I just feel sorry for anyone that roots for the Browns, or any one forced to play for them, because unfortunately things for you don’t seem to look like they are going to get any brighter in the future.

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