The NFL is now a Fight Club

It’s hard to follow the first two rules of fight club when you are on national TV, but it looks like some guys in the NFL just don’t care, and honestly I don’t care either. These two fights might be some of the most entertaining things to happen in the NFL season, because for the most part the games themselves aren’t that exciting to watch. What we get out of these fights is the pure violence that most of actually want from football, but has for the most part been eliminated.

The best thing about these fights is probably the stupidity in both situations. First there is AJ Green punching Jalen Ramsey’s helmet, which I have to imagine hurts your hand a lot. Then you have Mike Evans coming over and blasting Marshon Lattimore for giving Jameis Winston a little shove, because he poked Lattimore in the helmet in the head. Which is stupid both by Evans and Winston. Evans looks stupid because even though he was likely protecting his QB he went way overboard in doing so. Winston looks like an idiot for poking the back of a guys helmet after leaving the game for a shoulder injury.

All I can say is that I am all here for more fights like these in the NFL simply because the games tend to be less exciting than these brawls.

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