College Football Rankings Setting up Wisconsin for Success

In the latest College Football Playoff rankings an undefeated 9-0 Wisconsin was ranked No. 8, and has been setup to make the playoff if they win out. This is because it was looking as if the Badgers would not face a ranked team until the Big Ten Championship, but with Iowa now being ranked No. 20, Wisconsin has a chance to have multiple top 20 wins on the season.

With multiple top 20 wins and an undefeated season there is no chance that the committee could leave Wisconsin out of the playoff. It is possible that they ranked Iowa in the top 20 simply to help the resume of UW is they are to go undefeated, and it will cause less debate among the committee in the end. Obviously this will all be moot if Wisconsin loses, which would knock the Big Ten out of the College Football Playoff for good.


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