Packers do a Huge Favor to Martellus Bennett– The Green Bay Packers have waived Martellus Bennett, bringing the tight end’s short tenure with the team to a surprising end.

General manager Ted Thompson announced the move Wednesday after practice.

The Packers waived Bennett with the designation of failure to disclose a medical condition, setting up the team’s case for a grievance to reclaim the $4.2 million in remaining prorated signing bonus money.

Bennett is now subject to waivers. The 31 other teams have until 4 p.m. ET Thursday to submit a claim. If Bennett is not claimed, he becomes a free agent and can sign with any team at any time.

While it was reported that Bennett was cut due to failure to disclose an injury, I actually think that the Packers might have cut him to allow him to try and win another Super Bowl. Since he announced he was going to be retiring at the end of the season there isn’t much need for Green Bay to keep him on the roster. There is little chance that the Packers remain in the playoff contention long enough for Aaron Rodgers to return from injury, which means he will not be playing the rest of this season.

Bennett’s only reason for coming to Green Bay was to play with Rodgers and attempt to win another Super Bowl, which he won’t be doing for the rest of this season. This is why the Packers are doing him a favor in letting him possibly go and sign with another Super Bowl contender so he has the chance to go out on top. This is why Bennett should thank the Packers for cutting him, because we aren’t forcing him to suffer on the Packers, like us fans do. Instead he can go back to New England and attempt to win another Super Bowl.

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