The not so Big Baller of the Family

It looks as if the Big Baller Brand has a son who isn’t quite a Big Baller, after Liangelo Ball was arrested for allegedly shoplifting sunglasses in China.

I will never understand how someone can be so stupid as to attempt to steal anything in a country like China, I mean if he is convicted he will face at least three years in a Chinese prison. I can’t imagine a much worse place to get arrested than China, because there is a strong possibility you might die in prison there. The biggest question is why is a kid who’s family is trying to start a clothing brand, and who’s brother is making millions in the NBA even possibly stealing sunglasses. The answer could be the classic middle child stereotype of he is trying to step out of the shadow of his older and younger brothers, who are clearly to stars of the family.

As a middle child myself I am going to call bullshit on that theory, and I believe the more likely situation is that he got wrapped up in one of the other players attempting to steal the sunglasses. Or it is also possible they were just looking around at the sunglasses and the Chinese might have been a bit racist and called the cops.

Hopefully these kids don’t get convicted in China because if they do their live might literally be over.

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