Lebron Should do Everyone a Favor and get off Social Media

I can’t be the only one that is tired of Lebron’s use of social media, which seems to be increasing lately. This could be due to every sports outlet covering every post he makes on a social media platform and analyzing what he means by it, but Lebron could put an end to it by reducing how much he uses social media.

First there was all of the posts over the summer of his subliminal messages about the Kyrie trade situation, and his workout videos, which were unbearable. Then once the season started he has almost gotten worse beginning with his Instagram post after the Celtics win streak.


A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

Which he then denies that it was about Kyrie, even though everyone knows that it was. Then this week he decided to post a dumbass video of the Cavs taking the NYC Subway, like it was something special.

I can’t wrap my mind around these guys thinking it is special to be on the NYC Subway, even though millions of people use it every day. Also the fact that he is just so unaware of his surroundings and is just recording people, who like the guy next to him may not want to be recorded. The posts didn’t stop there, after the Cavs comeback win over the Knicks last night he made this post on Instagram.

Come on Lebron you should be better than this. I understand that you for some reason seem to be upset with the Knicks at the moment, but this post makes it seem like you just dominated them. But in actuality you had to comeback and only beat them by three points.

I am hoping one of two things happen in the near future. Either Lebron stops posting this dumbass shit, or the sports media stops covering it, because not many people actually care about what he is posting.

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