Martellus Bennett is a Piece of Shit

Can someone explain to me how Bennet goes from needing surgery on his shoulder, which would end his season with the Packers, to then playing five days later with the Patriots. Even though I am an owner I don’t blame him for wanting to leave the Packers, especially if it is going to be his last season, because we’ll likely not be making the playoffs this season without Rodgers.

What really bothers me about the situation is the way he has gone about trying to trash the organization after we cut him. The story he seems to be sticking with is that he needed season ending surgery on his shoulder, but the Packers team doctor Patrick McKenzie said that he could play through the injury. Know that he is on the Patriots he is playing, which goes against what he was saying earlier and proves Dr. McKenzie correct.

There was no need for Bennett to attack the job another man was doing when he is actually proving that the Doctor was correct by playing. This is why the Bennett brothers are now in my opinion two of the worst guys in the league, because it seems as if they just don’t give a shit about other people and how their words can effect them.

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