The Committee Continues to Help Wisconsin

On Tuesday night the third installation of the College Football Playoff Rankings were released, and there was some major differences in the rankings, due to the results of the weekend. Once again the committee has helped out Wisconsin by ranking their opponent for the week in the top 25, Michigan No. 24, for the second week in a row. Along with that they have kept Northwestern, a team the Badgers have already beaten, in the top 25 for the second week in a row. In my opinion the committee is purposely improving the resume of Wisconsin, so that if they do end up going undefeated it will be clear they deserve to be in the Playoff.

Now lets talk about the rest of the rankings. I think that the committee for the most part got the rankings correct, but messed up with the order of the top four teams. In my opinion the rankings should be 1. Alabama, 2. Oklahoma, 3. Miami and 4. Clemson. Alabama with their consistent dominance over the past decade, and this season, other than last weekend, deserve to be the top ranked team right now. My issue comes to how high Clemson is ranked. For one Miami already beat the team Clemson lost to, which should move them ahead of Clemson. Also Oklahoma has three of the most impressive wins this season, all against teams currently ranked in the top 13, but for some reason they are ranked behind Clemson, who has only one good win this season against No. 6 Auburn. It is clear that the committee is factoring in past years into this years rankings, because there is no way that this Clemson team deserves to be ranked No. 2.

The rankings also reflect what conference the committee believes to be the best in the nation, which is rightfully the Big Ten with six teams in the top 25. The SEC continues to be overrated with five teams in the top 25. While the top three teams in the conference, Alabama, Auburn and Georgia, deserve to be in the top 25, but Mississippi State and LSU don’t. How can the committee defend placing a team in the top 25 that lost to Troy, and a Mississippi State that got throttled by both Auburn and Georgia, while barely beating UMass. The committee continues to fall into results of the past, by looking at the SEC as the dominant conference, but in reality it might be one of the worst conferences. The Pac 12 also seems to be overrated by the committee while the ACC and Big 12 are being viewed as weak conferences, with just three teams in each. Even though those two conferences are probably the second and third best conferences this year.

This upcoming weekend will be much less exciting than the previous two weekends, which had plenty of top 25 matchups that lived up to the hype. There is only one top 25 matchup this weekend with No. 5 Wisconsin playing No. 24 Michigan, while the other top teams are playing weaker competition, so don’t expect to many upsets this weekend.

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