An Unexciting Weekend of College Football

Unlike the past two weekends of College Football, this weekend did not offer much in terms of watchable games. The only ranked matchup of the weekend was No. 5 Wisconsin v. No. 24 Michigan, while three of the top four teams essentially had a bye week built into their schedule. No. 1 Alabama played Mercer an FCS school, yet no one talks about how easy their schedule is. But Alabama wasn’t the only team to play an FCS school this week, No. 2 Clemson played the Citadel. While both teams manhandled their competition, they are purposely scheduling an FCS school in November, so they can make it easier on themselves later in the season.

While No. 3 Oklahoma also had an easy win against Kansas, a historically bad football school, it is something you can’t fault them for because whether they deserve to be or not the Kansas is in the Big 12. There are only four matchups from this past weekend that deserve to be talked about, which starts with Wisconsin v. Michigan.

This game was a classic smash mouth Big Ten battle that MidWest fans like myself love to watch. The game was tied 7-7 at half with it looking like the Wolverines could take control, but then the second half adjustments for the Badgers once again saved the team. A major moment in the game was when Michigan quarterback Brandon Peters suffered an injury, on a hit after he had thrown the ball. Michigan didn’t manage to score a single point after the injury while the offense of Wisconsin continued to roll in the second half. While the end result may look as if the Badgers dominated the game, the game would have been much closer had Peterson not gotten hurt.

The major upset of the weekend had to be No. 13 Oklahoma State losing to Kansas State. It looked as if Kansas State was going to run away with the win outscoring OSU by 15 points in the first half, but the offense of the Cowboys wouldn’t let them get blown out. Oklahoma State had the ball with just over two minutes left to play, but were unable to move the ball downfield and lost the game 45-40. This doesn’t seem like that surprising of an upset considering Kansas State always seems to get on big win like this every year, and Oklahoma State has struggled to live up to the hype they were getting at the start of the season.

The matchup that was the best preview of what we might see in the NFL next season was No. 11 USC v. UCLA. This was the matchup of the two top NFL quarterback prospects. Even though Sam Darnold’s team won 28-23, Josh Rosen had the better performance throwing for 421 yards and three touchdowns. Despite the close lose Head Coach Jim Mora was relieved off his head coaching position after the game.

What ended up being one of the most exciting matchups of the weekend, No. 3 Miami v. Virginia almost resulted in an upset. After last weekends huge win over Notre Dame, Miami came out of the gate flat, and Virginia jumped on them early jumping out to a 28-14 lead early in the third quarter. But then the vaunted Miami defense finally showed up to play and didn’t allow a single point the rest of the game, while Miami’s offense scored 30 points unanswered to win the game 44-28.

Hopefully the final regular season weekend of college football can provide more than four quality matchups.

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