Everyone Needs to Relax on the 76ers Hype

After the 76ers beating the Lakers everyone was already crowning them the team of the future, but I just want to say lets hold on a little bit before declaring them as the next dynasty. I will agree that Philadelphia does have a talented young roster, but I don’t understand why them beating the Lakers by six points means they are going to be great in the future. It isn’t like the Lakers are good team this season, hell they’ll probably be in the bottom third of teams this season. The reason why everyone wants to hype up the 76ers is because of Joel Embiid’s impressive 46 points, 15 rebounds, seven assists and seven steals.

Along with Embiid people are also looking at the stellar start of Ben Simmons, who if he stays healthy will easily be the rookie of the year. But what people need to realize is that while when healthy these two players have been amazing, they both have missed seasons due to injuries. The most concerning obviously being Embiid who has missed more than two and a half years with feet injuries, which tend to be a recurring issue for big men, just ask Yao Ming.

Not to mention there are other young teams that will have a chance to be the team to beat in the East. The first being the Bucks, who already have one of the best five players in the league in Giannis Antetokounmpo, and solid core of young players who are still developing around him. Both Thon Maker and Malcom Brogdon have show potential and continue to grow. Along with these young players the Bucks also have Kris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe who are above average role players to fill out the starting lineup. This doesn’t even include Jabari Parker, who if he can return to health and resigns with the team in the offseason, could be a second start to pair with Giannis.

There is also a team in New York that would like to try and compete for the East in the future, and with Kristaps Porzingis they might be able to do just that. While they will need to surround him with some better talent, Porzingis could definitely be the center piece to a championship caliber team in the future.

The key similarity with these teams is that they have the best young talent in the league, which is why any of these three teams could be the team to beat for the Eastern Conference in the near future.


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