Is it Possible for Baker Mayfield to lose the Heisman?

The simple answer is no,  Baker Mayfield is guaranteed to win the Heisman, the only discussion is who will be joining him in New York for the ceremony. This is where things get difficult because there aren’t many players who really deserve to be in New York for the Heisman ceremony.

The obvious choice to join Mayfield in New York is Saqon Barkley, the favorite to win the award early this season. He doesn’t have a chance of actually winning the award after struggling lately against top competition, but he still deserves to be in the top three for the award.

There likely won’t be more than three players at the ceremony, which makes filling this last spot difficult. There are only a few options the are actually viable due to the records of the teams. Lamar Jackson, last years Heisman winner, is arguably having a better statistical season than last year, but his team has lost four games, all of which were conference losses. Jonathan Taylor, the starting running back for the undefeated Badgers, is having one of the best seasons at running back this year, but him being a true freshman will likely keep him from being in New York this season. Even though he will be one of the favorites to win the award for the next couple years.

The most likely player to join Mayfield and Barkley in New York is Stanford’s Bryce Love. Love has all the credentials to be in talks for the Heisman, since he is the main reason Stanford has only lost three games this season. Along with his team winning he is also statistically the best running back in the country at this point, averaging 172.3 yards per game.

So while Barkley and Love might be in New York there is really only one outcome for the Heisman this season, and that is with Baker Mayfield lifting the trophy December 9th.

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