Baker Mayfield Shouldn’t be Punished

This punishment for Baker Mayfield is absolutely preposterous considering he did nothing wrong. The school is punishing him for grabbing his crotch and saying “Fuck You” to Kansas after absolutely slaughtering them.

The fact of the matter is that he was completely warranted in doing this. Kansas for some reason thought it would be a good idea to disrespect Mayfield by not shaking his hand at the coin toss. They then proceeded to take cheap shots at Mayfield during the game.

People also need to remember that this is football, and that these players have emotions when playing, which can manifest themselves in talking shit to the other team. Which if you have played football on any level, you understand shit talking happens on every play. The only reason why there is a punishment is because he got caught on national television.

If you wouldn’t have punished a player for something had it not been captured on national television, then there is no reason to punish him even though his shit talking was caught on camera.

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