Bills Continue to be Run into the Ground

The Bills are ruining there chances of possibly making the playoffs, which are still within reach. It first started with them benching Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman, for no good reason, which resulted in Peterman throwing five interceptions in the first half. In a not so stunning result Buffalo was throttled by the Chargers, even after Tyrod returned to the lineup in the second half.

Now the Bills have Sean McDermott coming out and saying that there were some good plays for Peterman in the first half. I don’t know how McDermott can find anything positive in probably the worst half of play from a quarterback in NFL history. It makes me believe that he might be considering playing Peterman again even though everyone in the NFL knows that Tyrod is the better quarterback.

Before this weekend the Bills were barely out of the playoffs, but with this loss and decisions by McDermott that are likely costing him the locker room. Buffalo is running itself into the ground, and will once again be a middle of the road team with a less than stellar draft position for a rebuilding team.

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