The Celtics Continue to Surprise

Last night the Celtics finished off a big comeback in the fourth quarter to send the game into overtime. In overtime the Celtics outscored the Mavericks 14-6 to complete the comeback win, and extend their win streak to 16 games.

Boston hasn’t lost since losing their first two games of the season, and have the best record in basketball. The streak of the Celtics have been very surprising for most people, myself included, who thought the team wasn’t going to be nearly as good after Gordon Hayward broke his leg in the first game. Despite the loss of their second best player the Celtics are on a great run, mainly because of their young players stepping up.

The main reason why they have been winning these game is the team defense is much improved from last year, which is completely unexpected after losing their two best defensive players, Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder, from last season. Boston is giving up 94.8 points per game the lowest in the league. Along with the stellar defense Kyrie Irving has gotten even better after leaving the Cavs, and is carrying the Celtics offense.

This amazing run will likely slow down as the season goes on, and as other teams start to figure out how to attack their defense. But as of right now it looks as if the Celtics have a good shot of making it to the NBA finals, and being the one seed in the Eastern Conference.


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