The NFL is Returning to Normalcy

This weekend of NFL played out much like many people suspected, in that there would be some close games, while other games were blowouts. This doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an exciting weekend for the NFL, which had a better weekend than College Football, something that has been rare this season.

Giants 12, Chiefs 9-

The only real surprise of the weekend was the Giants beating Kansas City in overtime, which isn’t supposed to happen with Andy Reid coming off a bye. The Giants are clearly the worse team, winning just their second game of the season. This is a terrible sign for the Chiefs, who have now lost four of the last five games, and are now struggling on offense and defense. After Kansas City being one of the Super Bowl favorites early in the season, they will now have to rebound if they want to make the playoffs.

Chargers 54, Bills 24-

One of the major stories of the weekend was the Buffalo Bills benching Tyrod Taylor and starting Nathan Peterman. And it is safe to say the Bills regret that decision since Peterman had possibly the worst half of play for a quarterback in NFL history, throwing five interceptions in the first half. The Chargers handily beat the Bills and are now in position to possibly win their division.

Vikings 24, Rams 7-

A battle between two of the best teams in the NFC earned Minnesota some more respect around the league. It wasn’t just that the Vikings beat the Rams, but the did so quite handily. The defense of the Vikings can play against anyone, and their offense is surprisingly good with Case Keenum at QB. Along with Keenum playing like a legit starter this season, Adam Thielen has emerged as one of the top WRs in the NFL this season, he might even be the next Jordy Nelson.

Saints 34, Redskins 31-

The Vikings and Rams weren’t the only matchup between two good NFC teams this weekend, there was also the game between the Redskins and Saints. This game was probably the most exciting game of the weekend because of the crazy finish, which saw the Saints comeback from being down by 15 points with four minutes left in the game. The Saints defense held the Redskins offense in check late, and Drew Brees was able to lead the Saints to an overtime victory for their eight straight win.

Patriots 33, Raiders 8-

A game that was expected to be a bit closer was the Patriots and Raiders, which ended up being an absolute blowout in Mexico City. Oakland could hardly move the ball against the Patriots defense, which has turned the corner and is now good again. New England once again looks primed to roll through the AFC, with both their offense and defense firing on all cylinders.

Eagles 37, Cowboys 9-

The Eagles continue to dominate teams, and look like the favorites to win the Super Bowl. With this loss it makes it very unlikely that the Cowboys will make the playoffs, especially since they don’t have the easiest remaining schedule. The crazy part about this game was that the Cowboys were leading 9-7 going into half, but then the second half adjustments by the Eagles were to much for Dallas to overcome. Philadelphia looks to be the class of the NFC, which is saying something considering the NFC has three of the four best teams in the league.

Ravens 23, Packers 0-

There isn’t much to say about this game other than neither team is really that good this season. The Packers are an absolutely terrible team when Aaron Rodgers is not on the field, and they should no longer be trying to make the playoffs this season. The Ravens do have a chance of making the playoffs this season, but even if they manage to squeak into the playoffs, they won’t make it far. The Ravens offense is just not talented enough to compete against top level teams, because the didn’t really perform well Sunday. The only reason Baltimore won the game is because they have a much superior defense.

Falcons 34, Seahawks 31-

It is clear that Seattle’s defense is no longer elite after losing both Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor, and that their offense might not be enough to overcome that deficiency. This game does however give a look at what the Falcons offense hopes to do for the rest of the season. It will be difficult for Seattle to make the playoffs now, since they likely won’t be winning their division. However, this win sets up Atlanta to have a chance at grabbing one of the wildcard spots in the NFC since either New Orleans or Carolina will win the division. This game ended up being a crucial game for the playoff hopes for both teams, and the people of Atlanta should be happy to see their team finally playing like they were expected to at the start of the season.




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