Another Easy week of Rankings for the College Football Playoff Committee

There is nothing surprising about this weeks College Football Playoff Rankings. The top 10 teams all remained the same, despite there being a switch in who is ranked No. 2. And the switch of Miami now being ranked as the No. 2, instead of Clemson who was moved back to No. 3 is the right move by the committee. Clemson should not be rewarded for playing and beating an FCS team, The Citadel, this past weekend. While I still believe that Oklahoma should be ranked ahead of Clemson, I don’t have a major problem with these rankings.

For the top seven teams there is a clear path to the College Football Playoff, but for Notre Dame or Ohio State to make it a lot will need to happen in their favor. Notre Dame would need almost every team in front of them to lose if they would even have a chance of making the playoff. Ohio State has the best chance of making the playoff for a team ranked out of the top 7. If the Buckeyes win out there is still a chance that they make the playoff, but they will need some help. In order for them to have the best chance to get in the playoff, they will need Alabama and Miami to win out. If Alabama or Miami lose it is much harder for Ohio State to make it, because those teams with one loss will likely make it over the Buckeyes.

The best chance for the Big Ten to make the playoff is still Wisconsin, but if the Badgers do lose it will be difficult for the conference to get a spot in the playoff. That is for some reason it seems as if the committee is punishing the Big Ten for their conference having more parody between teams. It is much more likely that two teams from the SEC or ACC will make the playoff, rather than a Big Ten team if Wisconsin doesn’t win out.

While there was a lot of controversy surrounding the rankings the first two weeks, they have gotten it right for the past two weeks. But with some good games coming up this weekend, the rankings could receive a shake up for next week.

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