Chip Kelly Returns to the West Coast

Unsurprisingly Chip Kelly has left ESPN and taken the UCLA Head Coaching position. Almost everyone knew he was going to be leaving TV and heading back to coaching this year, it was just a question of was it going to be UCLA or Florida.

In my opinion it was obvious that he was going to go to UCLA. It is a conference that he is very familiar with, and dominated for years. Some may say that he should have gone to Florida because he would be able to get better recruits there, but he won’t be hurting for talent at UCLA. Also Kelly has shown, at Oregon, he doesn’t need the best talent at every position to win.

Also why would a coach go to an SEC school at this point. The conference is dominated by a couple teams, and the pressure to win a championship is much greater than in other conferences. UCLA is a much more attractive location, because you can actually have a few years to build the program. If Kelly would have chosen Florida he would have been on a short leash, and probably would have gotten fired after two years if the team wasn’t successful. I believe that Kelly valued the stability that he could have at UCLA, especially after what happened to him in the NFL.

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