Wishing they were Still in Madison?

On Friday night Bret Bielema was fired as the Arkansas Head Coach, before he left the field after losing to Missouri. But Bielema wasn’t the only former Badger Head Coach to be fired this season, Gary Andersen was also let go from his position at Oregon State earlier in the season. These firings will make Wisconsin fans laugh as they will likely be ranked in the top four of the country in the next rankings, and have a shot at playing in the College Football Playoffs. Both Bielema and Andersen left a bitter taste in the mouth of Badger fans, not because of how they coached while there, but how they decided to leave.

Bielema decided that Wisconsin wasn’t a good enough program, and that for him to get a chance at winning a National Championship he need to go to an SEC school. So after six years of coaching the Badgers he left for Arkansas in 2012. Instead of competing for a National Championship he struggled to even compete with an 11-29 overall record in five seasons.

Andersen coached just two years at Wisconsin, but had success while he was there. He left the program because he believed the academic requirements were to high for the team to compete at the top level, so he left the program to join a lesser program in Oregon State.

As a Badger fan myself I can tell you that I was pissed off when these two coaches left, not because I thought we couldn’t succeed, but because they disrespected my school by saying we weren’t good enough. However, us Badger fans got the last laugh as they have both now been fired after not succeeding away from Wisconsin, and we are now in prime position to be in the College Football playoff.

I would also like to thank these two coaches for leaving the program, because if they hadn’t left we wouldn’t have the perfect coach for Wisconsin, Paul Chryst. So while Bielema and Andersen might wish they were still in Madison, all of Wisconsin is glad they aren’t.

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