Can Crabtree and Talib be any More Stupid

This is the second time that Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib have gotten into a fight, with this one being just idiotic. It starts with Crabtree blocking Talib out of bounds, which is a penalty in itself. But it really escalated once they were on the ground, when Talib ripped Crabtree’s helmet off.

When it gets really got good was when they were up off the ground and decided to start throwing punches at each other. Which for Crabtree is idiotic because Talib still had his helmet on, and if he were to make contact would have hurt his own hand not Talib. I always find it funny when a guy is trying to punch a guy in the helmet because it is the most irrational thing.

I feel like this season has had more fights during games than any other season, or it might just be that there is so much video of them. But either way it is something I can get behind, because sports is more interesting when opposing players have real beef. This isn’t like the NBA where everyone is friends, in the NFL there are actually some players who just don’t like each other, and that makes the sport better.

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