College Basketball Should Move Their Schedule Back

I am a huge College Basketball fan, but there is a major issue with what time of the year the season starts. While I understand that in order for them to finish the season before the school year ends, and to still have March Madness they need to start the season in November. But I believe it hurts the viewership for some great matchups early in the season, because many people will choose to watch College Football or the NFL over College Basketball at that time of the year.

Like I said before I am a person who enjoys watching College Basketball, because I tend to think that the games are a bit more entertaining than what we see in the NBA. The problem is even though there have been great matchups already this season between ranked teams, I haven’t watched a single College Basketball game. Now this could just be me, but I feel like other people have a similar mindset, where it is difficult to pay attention to early College Basketball games. Especially when there are both NFL and College Football games that have an impact on the playoffs happening at the same time.

While I have tried to think of a solution to this issue like moving the schedule back until December, when there is a gap between the end of the regular season, and when the bowl games for College Football start. But the reality is there isn’t a good solution if they want to keep the same amount of games. If you move the schedule back to far then there would be a scheduling issue with how much class the students would be missing, as well as trying to make the season end before the school year. The logistics of moving the start of the season will likely prevent it from being moved, even though I believe they would likely have more viewership if they had less conflict of schedules with the football season.


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