Is Blake Griffin the Next Derrick Rose?

Once again Blake Griffin is hurt and will miss significant time for the Clippers, which brings to mind, could Blake be the next Derrick Rose? The answer is he might already be another Derrick Rose, because he has had nine separate injuries in the past three years. He has also missed playoff games because of injuries, which have derailed his team.

Let’s also not forget that he missed his first season after being drafted because of a knee injury. Griffin is now on his third knee injury, and his seventh leg injury. Griffin also plays a similar style to Rose, which is an aggressive vertical attack on the rim. A style that can lend itself to recurring injuries on joints, like we have seen in Rose and are now seeing in Griffin.

While I hope that Griffin can recover and avoid injuries in the future, since he can be one of the more exciting players in the league. I feel as if it is more likely he will continue to suffer these joint injuries, and diminish the potential he had, much like Rose.

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