College Football Rankings go as Expected

With the second last last installment of the College Football Playoff rankings, the committee has finally made a ranking that there isn’t to much to debate about. The top four are obvious based on the past couple of weeks, and there really aren’t any issues with the top 10. The only thing with the top 10 is that there are really only seven teams that I feel have an shot at making the playoff.

USC and Penn State don’t have a chance of making the playoff, even though USC can still win the PAC 12 Championship. USC just hasn’t been impressive enough and the PAC 12 is viewed as the weakest Power 5 conference, which will make it easy to leave them out of the playoff. Penn State has two losses and will not play for a Big Ten Championship, so they have no shot of moving up enough to make the playoff.

The final team that I don’t believe have a chance of making the College Football Playoff is Ohio State, even though most people think they can still make it. There are a few reasons why I don’t believe they have a chance of making it, the first being I don’t think they will beat Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship. Even if they are able to beat Wisconsin they will still have a hard making it into the playoff, because Alabama has only one loss and is already ranked higher than them, with no chance to lose this weekend. But it isn’t just Alabama that is ahead of them, because if Oklahoma loses their Big 12 Championship game this weekend, Oklahoma would still get in over Ohio State because they beat them in Columbus.

Another team that needs a lot of help to get into the playoff, that is in the top 5, is Alabama, because they are the only team in the top 8 that isn’t playing this weekend. The chance they have of making the playoff is if either Oklahoma or Wisconsin lose.

I am going to hope that the top four teams in the country all win their championship games this weekend, because I feel as if these four teams could be some of the best matchups, and it would also not make it a completely south dominated playoff.

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