Tennessee is One of the Worst Jobs in College Football

After the debacle earlier this week with the hiring then rescinding of the offer of Greg Schiano, Tennessee now looks like it might be one of the worst jobs in College Football. While before all of this the Tennessee job might have been one of the more sought after jobs in the sport. But now there are plenty of coaches turning down the job, including Mike Gundy, Jeff Brohm and Jim Bob Cooter.

You would think that Gundy would consider leaving Oklahoma State to join Tennessee, which has been a historically better program, but instead he is staying in Stillwater. It also looks terrible for the program that Jim Bob Cooter didn’t even want to take a meeting, because he is an alumnus yet he won’t even consider the job.

Something that is also likely holding Tennessee back from looking at certain coaches is past conduct, since they are sticking with the story that Schiano’s offer was rescinded due to the backlash from his ties to the Penn State Scandal. If Tennessee doesn’t want to look hypocritical they will need to hire a guy who has an almost squeaky clean past.

They are now looking at Dave Doeren as the top candidate for the head coaching job. Now what the likely reason Schiano’s offer was rescinded was that the fans didn’t think he was good enough for the job, so they used what they had to in order to make sure he wasn’t the coach. What that has left them with however is the top coaching options don’t want to be a part of a program that is run by the fans, and they are now looking at options that are probably worse than Schiano. While Doeren isn’t a terrible option, I would rather have Schiano as my coach, since he is a guy who turned Rutgers into a winning program, and even has experience as a head coach in the NFL.

Along with all of the turmoil surrounding the program making the job an undesirable location to work, there is also the unrealistic expectations that surround the program. For some reason Tennessee still thinks they are a powerhouse in College Football, even though they have only been ranked in top 25 twice in the past ten years. The expectations that the fans and boosters have for the team create a short leash of losing for the coaches. All of these reasons make Tennessee one of the worst landing spots in all of College Football.

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