Jimbo is Headed to College Station

While it had been rumored for about a week that Jimbo Fisher could be leaving Tallahassee for College Station and Texas A&M, but it is finally official. I personally don’t understand wanting to make the move if I’m Fisher, because I believe there is a better chance of winning a national championship at Florida State.

I believe the recruiting is probably slightly better at Florida State, simply because of the history of top level talent going there, but is also the location of Tallahassee is probably more desirable for recruits. Along with the recruiting I believe the ACC might be a bit easier to win than the SEC, which would give Jimbo Fisher a better chance of making the playoff at Florida State. If he hopes to make the playoff at Texas A&M he will need to beat both Alabama and Auburn to win the SEC West, which is much more difficult than having to beat just Clemson in the ACC.

The only reason I feel like Jimbo would choose to move on from Florida State, is that he simply just wanted a change of scenery. He also might have felt some pressure from the fans and boosters, after an abysmal season in 2017. Jimbo has been a great coach at Florida State, and we will see if he can improve Texas A&M enough to compete for a national championship, personally I don’t think he will.

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