Rodgers is Back, but Should the Packers Play Him?

Aaron Rodgers returned to practice on Saturday, which likely means he will be able to play week 15 for the Packers, against the Panthers. But I’m not sure he should return at all this season, whether he is healthy or not.

All of this will be determined by how the Packers play over the next couple of weeks. If the team can get wins against Tampa Bay and Cleveland, there is still a chance that Green Bay could make the playoffs if they win out. Once the Packers lose one more game however, they would need a lot of help to make the playoffs, which might make sitting Rodgers the better option. The Packers are currently two games back of the last Wildcard spot, but are actually three games back because Atlanta, who holds a tie breaker over Green Bay, currently holds that spot.

While there is still a slight chance the Packers make the playoffs, it is more likely at this point that they will miss them. And if we are going to miss the playoffs, why put Rodgers back in when he could get hurt again. It is more advantageous for the future if the Packers keep Hundley as the starting QB, so their draft position if better. With Rodgers playing it is possible the team wins against Carolina, Detroit and Minnesota in the final three games. But with Hundley it would be difficult for a team that has struggled to beat those three teams, which are all currently ahead of Green Bay in the playoff race.

While I understand everyone, including myself, wants to see Rodgers play again this season, since he is one of the most exciting players in the league. It will likely be better for the Packers to lose the final three games of the season in order to secure a better draft position.

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