Giants Firing Everybody

Everyone that pays attention to the NFL knew that this move was coming today, due to the struggles of the team the entire year. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the completely mishandled benching of Eli Manning for this past weekends game. While the Eli benching was part of the reason to McAdoo and Reese being fired, it wasn’t the only reason.

Obviously part of the reason they were fired was the Giants are a measly 2-10, but there was much more than just the record. The team has been in turmoil under McAdoo’s watch, with two of its top corners, Janoris Jenkins and Eli Apple, being either suspended or benched for disciplinary reasons. This showed that McAdoo clearly didn’t have control of his players and that they didn’t really respect what he had to say.

Jerry Reese also deserved to be fired for transgressions against players and coaches. He clearly didn’t understand how to gracefully end the tenure of a loved player or coach. He botched the benching of Eli Manning, just like he botched the firing go Tom Coughlin. Along with firing Tom Coughlin he has consistently had poor drafts, and hired McAdoo as the head coach, without really seeming like he looked at other options.

Simply put both of these guys deserved to be fired for their poor performance, which finally give Giants’ fans something to be happy about this season.


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