Gronkowski Receives a Much Deserved Suspension

For anyone that has seen the play by Rob Gronkowski from this past weekend, they will agree that he should be suspended. While I can understand the frustration of Gronk, after clearly being held and grabbed on the play and not getting a call. But there is absolutely no place in football for the kind of hit that he put on the Bills defensive back.

This is reminiscent of some previous hits in the league that all led to a one game suspension, such as the Vontaze Burfict hit on Antonio Brown or the Odell Beckham Jr. hit on Josh Norman. The major difference in this case it that Gronk made this hit while the play was over, unlike the hits listed previously which were during a play. Gronk was clearly trying to hurt this defensive back, because the play was over for a few seconds.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if the suspension was for two games, but with the previous history of similar hits getting only a game suspension. I understand why the suspension was only one game, because no matter what he deserved to get a suspension.

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