Herm Edwards and Arizona State are Making a Mistake

Associated Press– Arizona State’s bold move is official.

The Sun Devils announced the hiring of former NFL coach and ESPN analyst Herm Edwards as football coach Sunday night, ushering in a new, unexpected era for the program.

This has to be the most surprising hire for any college program in recent years, because Herm hadn’t coached in eight years. He also hasn’t been a college coach since 1989, which could be an issue.

Personally I don’t think this is a great move by either party involved. For Arizona State I understand the attraction of bringing in a big name coach, but wouldn’t you want that to be a guy who has done the job in the past eight years, and hasn’t coached college in almost 30 years. It will be interesting how Herm will handle all of the recruiting that goes along with being a college head coach, especially at a program that is not viewed as a top program. It isn’t just that he hasn’t coached in a while, but that when he has been a head coach he had just a 54-74 record. Is it possible that Herm Edwards isn’t actually a good head coach, but just gets jobs because people like his outgoing personality.

I also don’t understand the move if I’m Herm Edwards, because he had a good job in being a football analyst for ESPN. For a 63 year old I imagine talking about football on TV is much less stressful than trying to turn Arizona State program into a contender. No matter how I look at it, I believe both parties would likely have been better off not making the move of having Herm Edwards as the head coach of Arizona State.

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