The College Football Playoff Committee has a Clear Southern Bias

While I have had my suspicions all season long about the bias of the College Football Playoff Committee, it was finally confirmed this weekend with the final rankings being released. It is clear by looking at the top four teams that there was a bias towards teams located in the South. Which can be expected when six of the 13 members of the committee are affiliated in some way with a southern program.

No one can tell me that the SEC, with how bad everyone else in that conference is other than the top three teams, deserves to have two teams in the playoff. The committee has been falsely propping up teams like LSU and Mississippi State all season to make the SEC look better. There is no reason why a four loss Mississippi State team should be in the top 25 over a team like Michigan, which has the same record but only has losses to teams ranked in the top 16. And even though LSU has improved as the season has gone on, they still lost to Troy in Baton Rouge, which should eliminate them from being in the top 25. These teams being ranked is all to help out Alabama, who other than those two teams didn’t beat a ranked team all year.

In my opinion the committee should have made the Big Ten Champions, Ohio State, the final team in the playoff. Even though Ohio State has two losses, they have three of the better wins in the country. They beat No. 9 Penn State, No. 6 Wisconsin and No. 16 Michigan State. Despite their embarrassing loss to Iowa, Ohio State’s resume was substantially better than anything Alabama has accomplished this season. But the eye test for an Alabama team, that has played substantially easier competition, was somehow to much to overcome.

Due to the the College Football Playoff being just Southern teams, I will probably not be watching much of the games. Not because I am pissed off that a Big Ten team didn’t make it, but because I am much less interested in watching teams that will have not impact on my conference. And I can almost guarantee that I am not the only person from the Midwest or West Coast that feels this way. Which is why the committee should have realized in order to not alienate a large portion of the country from your playoff, Ohio State or even USC should have been included, instead of an non-conference champ Alabama.

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