JuJu Smith-Schuster’s Block was a great play

There have been a lot of people that after last night have said this hit by JuJu was a dirty hit, but there was nothing wrong with the play. The hit was a perfect example of a vicious, clean block in football. I don’t even think that it should have been penalized.

It wasn’t like JuJu was head hunting, he actually hit Burfict in the chest. This also wasn’t a pointless hit that had nothing to do with the play, he was actually blocking a player that had a chance of making the tackle, and likely led to Le’Veon Bell getting six more yards and picking up a first down. All this is exactly what makes this play clean and in my opinion a great football play.

The problem is the idiots covering the game were for some reason outraged by the hit, and instantly claimed the hit as dirty. If you think that play is dirty you shouldn’t watch football, and especially shouldn’t be calling a game, because that is exactly what kind of hit should be in the game of football. Whether people like it or not vicious hits are what people love to see in football, especially when they are clean like the block from JuJu.

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