How Can the Browns Not Fire Hugh Jackson

This morning the Browns fired their GM Sashi Brown, which is something no one is surprised by since the Browns are 0-12. The most shocking part of this news is that Head Coach Hugh Jackson wasn’t fired. I understand that it has only been two seasons since he took over, but what has he shown in order to keep his job.

In his two seasons as the Head Coach of the Browns his record is 1-27. I find it hard to believe that any good coach wins just one game in two seasons, hell you can get lucky and win at least two games in a season. But it isn’t the record I am necessarily concerned with it his lack of a plan that is the most worrisome. He has continually switched QB’s in his first two seasons, starting five different players at the position.

The play that is the greatest example of why he should be fired is what happened in week 10 against the Lions.

The clock management to end the half is the worst I have probably ever seen, and looks worse for a team that hasn’t won a game, and was actually close in a game. This along with his record is why he needs to be fired, because he just isn’t a good coach.

The Browns should have taken a page out of the Giants book and fired both the GM and Head Coach. It is possible Jackson gets fired at the end of the season anyways, so they should have gotten it over with now and started their head coaching search. It would also let players know that they are trying to move in a new direction, that they hope will include winning. When both top QB prospects are considering staying in school because they are concerned about playing for your team, more than just the GM needs to be fired.

3 thoughts on “How Can the Browns Not Fire Hugh Jackson

  1. bud michaels says:

    Jackson has to go. He sends the wrong message to essentially a blue collar town with a franchise of past great honor: the Cleveland Browns. How would the guy in the factory, carrying his lunch bucket to work, feel about seeing a person being “rewarded for bad behavior,” meaning, a coach that has lead his team to one victory in two years? You can’t send that kind of a message to a city, that this kind of performance merits keeping a job.


  2. Gregg flagg says:

    I stopped watching the games real time. I record them and start about half time. I can skip most of poor behavior. If this keeps up I won’t bother recording it. I have been a Browns fan for over 50 years.


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