The Packers Savior Has Returned

Packer fans everywhere are rejoicing that Aaron Rodgers is finally returning to the field, after watching the team struggle with Brett Hundley. Even though I previously wrote that I was unsure of if Rodgers should return at all, the move is something that needed to be done.

When I initially wrote that Rodgers shouldn’t return from the injury, it was likely that the Packers would no longer be in playoff contention by the time he could return. Which is not the case anymore, since the Packers are only a game back of the playoffs. This move was necessary because if Green Bay can win out they will likely be in the playoffs, and even though it may be difficult the team needs to take the chance of making the postseason.

Carolina is currently two games ahead of the Packers, but they play each other next week. Which if Green Bay wins they will be just one game back and hold the tie breaker over the Panthers. The following week Rodgers will be looking to get revenge on the team that injured him the Minnesota Vikings, and in the final game of the season the Packers will take on an unimpressive Lions team.

All of these games are winnable with Rodgers on the field, which is why the Packers had to bring him back from injury, even if he isn’t 100 percent. And if Green Bay makes it in the playoffs anything can happen now that Cason Wentz is out for the year with a torn ACL. Rodgers would be the best player in the playoffs, and he has proven before that he can win games basically by himself.

So while I might have said the Packers shouldn’t bring Rodgers back from injury in the past, the current landscape of the NFC makes it impossible for the team to not allow themselves the chance to make the postseason.

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